Simple Tomato Sauce

This a great recipe to have at your disposal. It's quick, tasty and cheap. It can be put with pasta as is, you can add chilli to make arrabbiata, add mince to make bolognese or add it to a Lasagna.

Because it is blended, it's a great way to get children to eat good things unbeknown to themselves.

Serves: 4

Time: 30-40 minutes

3 x 400g Tins of Chopped Tomatoes
2 Medium Onions
2 Cloves of Garlic
15g Fresh Basil
2 Teaspoons of Salt
2 Teaspoons of Sugar
A Half Teaspoon of pepper
50ml Olive Oil

Large Pot
Wooden Spoon
Sharp Knife
Hand Blender

1. Roughly dice the onions (no need to cut them very small, they'll be blended later).


2. Dice the garlic (no need to cut it very small, it'll be blended later).


3. Chop the basil (no need to cut it very small, it'll be blended later).


4. On a medium heat, in the olive oil, fry the onions for around 5 minutes. It's best to add the salt at this point to sweat the onions a little. Add the garlic and fry for another 2 minutes, stirring continuously.


5. Add the tomatoes, the basil, the pepper and the sugar. Allow this to simmer for 20 minutes, stirring regularly.


6. Blend the contents of the pot using the hand blender. (If your pot is very large, you may need to tip it to one side to allow enough depth for the hand blender to move the mixture around.)


7. Taste the sauce. If you think it needs more salt or sugar, add it.

Additional Note: I often make this dish when children are eating and I add pork meatballs. They're very simple. From 500g, roll 12 or so meatballs. Put them in the oven on an oiled tray at 180° for around 25-30 minutes. Add them to the tomato sauce when they are fully cooked.